India a diverse nation . A nation were different religion are preached .Hinduism , Islam ,Jainism , Sikhism , Buddhism ,Christianity. Country where in we find different languages , tastes , traditions , dance forms , their regional dresses , social beliefs and ideologies…where celebrating festivals brings happiness nd the belief of following rituals brings peace , prosperity . The beauty of India can’t be expressed in words. Whether be Monuments , Forts, Temples , Rivers , everything is incredible in India …….. But now a days , ” Diversity is becoming a threat rather being an advantage ” .Diversity has created differences rather creating exposure to a variety of different perspectives and views leading to higher creativity in India .. there’s poverty , stateism , casteism ,inequality , domestic abuse ,corruption , gender and religion bias , indifference towards merit . Money plays a great role in growing these evils more in India , it is root cause of all evils. Religional groups and political groups go to great heights to defame and threaten each other.

Above images can’t be captioned .One shows beauty nd color other one shows darkness , fear and leaves us speechless..

Last words.

Lets not waste our energy just by staying hooked in phones all time ,Lying down on a couch nd commenting when a tragedy takes place . “Bura mat dekho , Bura mat suno , Bursa mat bolo ” wonderful words said by father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi , just want to add few more lines ” Jab bhi kuch bura hote hue dekho ya suno … chup mat raho yeh soch ke ki hume kya matlab…hmare sath thode na ho raha h” Take a stand ..Ur stand can lead to a brighter future for ur loved ones.❤


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